Chin Straps For Snoring: Are They As Good As They Say?

There are different kinds of snoring aids available in the market to ensure that every snorer finds the suitable solution for his condition. If you are considering a chin strap for snoring, then this article will help you understand how a chin strap works, its advantages and disadvantages, if it could possibly be your best option, or if you’re better off finding another solution instead.

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What Are Chin Straps?

Chin straps or chin up straps as they are also called are made of fabric and some adjustable straps that go over the top of your head and are designed to hold your chin up at night while you sleep. They are apparently created to help prevent snoring by holding the bottom of your jaw up in a sling like manner and help you breathe naturally through your nose. These external anti-snoring devices are supposedly comfortable to wear.

How Do They Work?

Some people snore because they can’t breathe naturally through their nose so their mouths fall open to inhale and exhale instead during sleep. Chin straps resolve this problem by gently supporting your jaw in a closed and forward position so the risk of the tongue and throat tissues falling back to obstruct the airways is reduced. The concept is similar to those of stop snoring dental appliances but the difference is that chin straps work from the outside. One end of the strap goes around the back of your head while the other end supports your jaw.


    Easy and comfortable to use. Compared to jaw or tongue retainers, chin straps are more comfortable to use. Unlike mouthguards that require molding or heating, chin straps are ready to be used out of the box.
    Price. Less expensive compared to other stop snoring devices.


    Not suitable for every snorer. If you are not a mouth snorer, it may not work for you. It may not be effective either if you sleep restlessly. It can slide if you roll over or move constantly in your sleep.
    Design. Although they are supposed to be more comfortable, the fabric, straps, or materials used can cause discomfort. You have to be particular with the details to ensure it is most comfortable to wear.
    Price. Chin straps are not complicated devices and do not have to be overpriced.

Do Chin Straps Really Work?

While chin straps apply a sound concept that is known to reduce or eliminate snoring, the design is clearly intended for mouth breathers. So if you snore because your mouth is hanging open while you sleep, this could be the appropriate solution. However, it is not the case for all snorers. If you are snoring for any other reason, these devices will not prove to be efficient.
It is also important to note that chin straps are most effective if they stay in place throughout the night. That said, if you keep tossing or turning in your sleep, they may not be a good choice for you although different chin strap brands are designed to provide the perfect and most comfortable fit that will ensure the device stays where it should be.


For some people, particularly mouth breathers, chin straps are a good option. Otherwise there are other alternatives in the market that could appropriately address your snoring problem. There are various kinds of jaw retainers and there are tongue retainers which are also gaining a lot of popularity among snorers.

Good Morning Snore Solution for instance is a popular tongue retaining mouthpiece that prevents snoring that it caused by the tongue, jaw, uvula, or something else. It is not limited to mouth breathers so you can use it for whatever reason you are snoring. The product has undergone clinical trials proving its efficiency and has been approved by several regulating bodies including the FDA, Health Canada, European Commission, and the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration for the treatment of snoring as well as mild to moderate sleep apnea.

Good Morning Snore Solution is also easy to use although you obviously have to put it inside your mouth. It easily slides into your tongue and keeps the tongue in place so it does not fall backwards and create obstruction to the airways which cause the vibration or snoring.

This tongue retaining mouthpiece has garnered tons of positive feedback from snorers. To know more about the device, how it works, its benefits and possible drawbacks, why it is better than chin straps, and what actual users are saying, read our in-depth review on Good Morning Snore Solution.

Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces: The Big Three

If you are looking for a product that would ultimately put an end to your snoring, it is only wise to consider those that already have good reputation among existing users of anti-snoring devices.

 Of course there are factors to take into account and they include the ease of use, efficiency, comfort, and price among many other things. In this article, we sum up the top snoring solutions according to such aspects including real user reviews which actually help determine whether or not these products really work.

No. 3 Zquiet

One of the most popular anti-snoring devices is Zquiet. It is a mouthpiece designed to fit nearly everyone so you can use it right out of the box without any need for heating and molding. This FDA-cleared device positions your lower jaw slightly forward to keep your airways open throughout the night while you sleep. What separates this device from many other mouthpieces is its Living Hinge Technology which allows you to open and close your mouth while sleeping. This technique provides comfortable jaw mobility that you can even talk or take a drink without having to remove the device.
While Zquiet is known to be safe and comfortable to use, it may still require a few hours to a few weeks of adjustment. Although designed with your utmost comfort in mind, your jaw may still feel sore as an effect of using the device for the first few days. the size may fit nearly anyone’s mouth but the inability to custom-fit is one drawback that many users find. Like most mouthpieces, you cannot wear Zquiet if you are wearing full dentures.

No. 2 Good Morning Snore Solution

Good Morning Snore Solution is an oral appliance backed by clinical trials with approval by regulating bodies such as the FDA, Health Canada, European Commission, and the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration among others. It is a one-size-fits-all tongue retainer that keeps your tongue in place so it does not fall backwards which causes obstruction in the airways.
Unlike most anti-snoring mouthpieces which are bulky and cause soreness in the jaw, teeth, and gums, this tongue retainer is a little device that uses a light suction on the tip of your tongue to keep it in the right position without leaving any part of your mouth sore after using it. The device is very easy to use and no preparatory procedures are required. Another edge of this stop snoring appliance over other devices is that it can be used by people who are wearing dentures.
Good Morning Snore Solution has very little to no side effects. You may experience excessive salivation the first few nights of use but this effect is expected to disappear in no time. Many users have reported that it is not painful and is even barely noticeable due to the optimum comfort it provides. To learn more about this snore solution, you may refer to our in-depth review on Good Morning Snore Solution detailing its features, benefits, drawbacks, and real user feedback.

No. 1 SnoreRx

On top of our list is SnoreRx. This FDA-cleared mouthpiece is designed to provide maximum comfort and clinical efficiency. SnoreRx is a custom molded oral appliance that gently positions your lower jaw forward so the throat is clear from any obstruction, thereby eliminating vibrations that cause snoring. What makes this device unique is its ability to deliver a precise custom fit to individual’s mouth. It also allows users to lock and reset the settings any time for optimum comfort and effectiveness. Many anti-snoring devices do not have the features that this brand boasts of. It is also worth mentioning that this brand exceeds the standards of Medicare and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.
Although equipped with patent pending micro adjustability feature for patient’s optimum comfort, adjustment period may take about 3 to 5 nights of consistent use. Users may feel some jaw, teeth, or gum soreness after the first few nights but these effects are expected to disappear quickly. No major adverse effect has been reported by SnoreRx users.


All these snoring solutions are deemed effective and have garnered tons of positive reviews from users. However, based on ease of use, efficiency, comfort, and real user reviews, SnoreRx is the one to beat. GoodMorning Snore Solution, the only tongue retainer on the list comes in close second. To try any of these remedies, it is recommended to obtain them directly from their official website to get to secure your purchase and get the best possible deals.

Where To Get Good Morning Snore Solution Discount Coupons?

You probably have already heard about Good Morning Solution otherwise you won’t be reading this article looking for discount coupons. Whether you have already decided that this stop snoring device is the ultimate solution to your snoring or have yet to test its efficiency, you have come to the right page.
  The safest and most reliable source for this device is nothing but the product’s officialwebsite. Here you will know why it is the only place you should order the product from and the legitimate discount code to take advantage of the best price.

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Additional Discount

Apart from the existing discounted price, you can also take advantage of more savings. At the last step of checking out prior to making your payment, a coupon box will appear where you can enter your discount coupon code and avail of the applicable discount. On top of the 20% off original price as mentioned above, enter GMSS10OFF to save another 10% on your purchase.

As coupon codes or special offers are only available for a limited time, you can revisit this page for updates or future offers to ensure you are getting the most up to date and legitimate promo codes.

Risk-free, 30-Day Return Policy

Getting the product from the official website means your purchase is protected by a 30-day money back guarantee. MPowRx, the manufacturer of Good Morning Snore Solution ensures that you can order the device, test it out, and if you are in any way unsatisfied, you can initiate the return authorization process within 30 days from the date you purchased the item. The return authorization numbers must be requested within 30 days from purchase date, while your device must be received back within 45 days from purchase date.

Safety And Reliability

The official site is the safest and most reliable venue to obtain Good Morning Snore Solution from. You may find other sources selling the product for a much cheaper price but chances are they are scams. Always exercise caution when you make online purchases since there are tons of fraudulent retailers prowling around the web. These sites typically have the most enticing offers that you could so easily fall for their gimmicks. Needless to say, checking the authenticity of a product you are buying online is difficult. You will have no way to determine you are getting the real thing until it gets delivered to you. That said, the wisest thing to do is to purchase only from the original source.

Purchasing Good Morning Snore Solution from the official website ensures that your item is 100% genuine – the mouthpiece that exceeds the standard of Medicare and cleared by FDA, Health Canada, Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia, and the European Commission. Good Morning Snore Solution is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

The official site also clearly provides its address and contact information. Additionally, it has all you need to know about the product including how the mouthpiece works, clinical data, and FAQs among other things.

If you would like to read real user experiences though, or testimonials coming from actual users from other Good Morning Snore Solution reviews, I would suggest you read the article Good Morning Snore Solution: Does It Really Work? for detailed review on the product. That is, if you are not yet sure about the device and would like to have an idea what most people are saying about it.