Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces: The Big Three

If you are looking for a product that would ultimately put an end to your snoring, it is only wise to consider those that already have good reputation among existing users of anti-snoring devices.

 Of course there are factors to take into account and they include the ease of use, efficiency, comfort, and price among many other things. In this article, we sum up the top snoring solutions according to such aspects including real user reviews which actually help determine whether or not these products really work.

No. 3 Zquiet

One of the most popular anti-snoring devices is Zquiet. It is a mouthpiece designed to fit nearly everyone so you can use it right out of the box without any need for heating and molding. This FDA-cleared device positions your lower jaw slightly forward to keep your airways open throughout the night while you sleep. What separates this device from many other mouthpieces is its Living Hinge Technology which allows you to open and close your mouth while sleeping. This technique provides comfortable jaw mobility that you can even talk or take a drink without having to remove the device.
While Zquiet is known to be safe and comfortable to use, it may still require a few hours to a few weeks of adjustment. Although designed with your utmost comfort in mind, your jaw may still feel sore as an effect of using the device for the first few days. the size may fit nearly anyone’s mouth but the inability to custom-fit is one drawback that many users find. Like most mouthpieces, you cannot wear Zquiet if you are wearing full dentures.

No. 2 Good Morning Snore Solution

Good Morning Snore Solution is an oral appliance backed by clinical trials with approval by regulating bodies such as the FDA, Health Canada, European Commission, and the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration among others. It is a one-size-fits-all tongue retainer that keeps your tongue in place so it does not fall backwards which causes obstruction in the airways.
Unlike most anti-snoring mouthpieces which are bulky and cause soreness in the jaw, teeth, and gums, this tongue retainer is a little device that uses a light suction on the tip of your tongue to keep it in the right position without leaving any part of your mouth sore after using it. The device is very easy to use and no preparatory procedures are required. Another edge of this stop snoring appliance over other devices is that it can be used by people who are wearing dentures.
Good Morning Snore Solution has very little to no side effects. You may experience excessive salivation the first few nights of use but this effect is expected to disappear in no time. Many users have reported that it is not painful and is even barely noticeable due to the optimum comfort it provides. To learn more about this snore solution, you may refer to our in-depth review on Good Morning Snore Solution detailing its features, benefits, drawbacks, and real user feedback.

No. 1 SnoreRx

On top of our list is SnoreRx. This FDA-cleared mouthpiece is designed to provide maximum comfort and clinical efficiency. SnoreRx is a custom molded oral appliance that gently positions your lower jaw forward so the throat is clear from any obstruction, thereby eliminating vibrations that cause snoring. What makes this device unique is its ability to deliver a precise custom fit to individual’s mouth. It also allows users to lock and reset the settings any time for optimum comfort and effectiveness. Many anti-snoring devices do not have the features that this brand boasts of. It is also worth mentioning that this brand exceeds the standards of Medicare and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.
Although equipped with patent pending micro adjustability feature for patient’s optimum comfort, adjustment period may take about 3 to 5 nights of consistent use. Users may feel some jaw, teeth, or gum soreness after the first few nights but these effects are expected to disappear quickly. No major adverse effect has been reported by SnoreRx users.


All these snoring solutions are deemed effective and have garnered tons of positive reviews from users. However, based on ease of use, efficiency, comfort, and real user reviews, SnoreRx is the one to beat. GoodMorning Snore Solution, the only tongue retainer on the list comes in close second. To try any of these remedies, it is recommended to obtain them directly from their official website to get to secure your purchase and get the best possible deals.