Chin Straps For Snoring: Are They As Good As They Say?

There are different kinds of snoring aids available in the market to ensure that every snorer finds the suitable solution for his condition. If you are considering a chin strap for snoring, then this article will help you understand how a chin strap works, its advantages and disadvantages, if it could possibly be your best option, or if you’re better off finding another solution instead.

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•    1 What Are Chin Straps?
•    2 How Do They Work?
•    3 Advantages
•    4 Disadvantages

What Are Chin Straps?

Chin straps or chin up straps as they are also called are made of fabric and some adjustable straps that go over the top of your head and are designed to hold your chin up at night while you sleep. They are apparently created to help prevent snoring by holding the bottom of your jaw up in a sling like manner and help you breathe naturally through your nose. These external anti-snoring devices are supposedly comfortable to wear.

How Do They Work?

Some people snore because they can’t breathe naturally through their nose so their mouths fall open to inhale and exhale instead during sleep. Chin straps resolve this problem by gently supporting your jaw in a closed and forward position so the risk of the tongue and throat tissues falling back to obstruct the airways is reduced. The concept is similar to those of stop snoring dental appliances but the difference is that chin straps work from the outside. One end of the strap goes around the back of your head while the other end supports your jaw.


    Easy and comfortable to use. Compared to jaw or tongue retainers, chin straps are more comfortable to use. Unlike mouthguards that require molding or heating, chin straps are ready to be used out of the box.
    Price. Less expensive compared to other stop snoring devices.


    Not suitable for every snorer. If you are not a mouth snorer, it may not work for you. It may not be effective either if you sleep restlessly. It can slide if you roll over or move constantly in your sleep.
    Design. Although they are supposed to be more comfortable, the fabric, straps, or materials used can cause discomfort. You have to be particular with the details to ensure it is most comfortable to wear.
    Price. Chin straps are not complicated devices and do not have to be overpriced.

Do Chin Straps Really Work?

While chin straps apply a sound concept that is known to reduce or eliminate snoring, the design is clearly intended for mouth breathers. So if you snore because your mouth is hanging open while you sleep, this could be the appropriate solution. However, it is not the case for all snorers. If you are snoring for any other reason, these devices will not prove to be efficient.
It is also important to note that chin straps are most effective if they stay in place throughout the night. That said, if you keep tossing or turning in your sleep, they may not be a good choice for you although different chin strap brands are designed to provide the perfect and most comfortable fit that will ensure the device stays where it should be.


For some people, particularly mouth breathers, chin straps are a good option. Otherwise there are other alternatives in the market that could appropriately address your snoring problem. There are various kinds of jaw retainers and there are tongue retainers which are also gaining a lot of popularity among snorers.

Good Morning Snore Solution for instance is a popular tongue retaining mouthpiece that prevents snoring that it caused by the tongue, jaw, uvula, or something else. It is not limited to mouth breathers so you can use it for whatever reason you are snoring. The product has undergone clinical trials proving its efficiency and has been approved by several regulating bodies including the FDA, Health Canada, European Commission, and the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration for the treatment of snoring as well as mild to moderate sleep apnea.

Good Morning Snore Solution is also easy to use although you obviously have to put it inside your mouth. It easily slides into your tongue and keeps the tongue in place so it does not fall backwards and create obstruction to the airways which cause the vibration or snoring.

This tongue retaining mouthpiece has garnered tons of positive feedback from snorers. To know more about the device, how it works, its benefits and possible drawbacks, why it is better than chin straps, and what actual users are saying, read our in-depth review on Good Morning Snore Solution.