Don’t Buy Snore Guard Until You Read This

 Sleeping issues can arise out of many causes, from depressive disorders to more physical reasons. One of the main issues related to sleep is snoring and it can be dangerous not only for you, but also for your loved ones who are disturbed by your snoring. Luckily though, modern medicine makes it easier to relieve yourself from the terrible sound and it brings you devices and tools that you can use to stop yourself from snoring. Here we’ll find if Snore Guard mouthpiece could be one of these solutions.

What is Snore Guard?

This is a device that is custom-made to fit perfectly in your mouth and to help you get rid of the main cause that leads to snoring. Basically, when you snore, the sound heard is nothing more than the air that is trying to pass through its vents. When you sleep, your throat can relax, making the space in these vents much smaller and not allowing air to pass through, which leads to the actual snore.
Available both in the United States of America and in Canada for over a decade, Snore Guard is recommended by dentists and physicians, and is believed to be a very safe product. Everything about its designed is carefully selected, from the way it allows air to pass through to the fact that it can be made to fit your bite 100%.

How Does It Work?

This jaw retaining appliance is similar to removable dentures, but it is made from a comfortable material that pushes your jaw forward and makes room for the air to pass through. This guard is made to be really comfortable for your sleep, so you will not even actually feel it in your mouth. However, keep in mind that you should mold it carefully (by boiling it beforehand) and that remolding may be necessary from time to time (especially if you simply wake up chewing on it from time to time).
This anti-snoring mouthpiece can be efficient against your snoring issue, but only as long as it is related to the position of your jaw and tongue and not related to other things that may cause snoring.

Real User Reviews

Like with every product out there, regardless of its purpose, different people may have completely different opinions on how they work. Much as we wanted to add actual user reviews here, though, most of the feedback on this brand can only be seen from the product’s official website.

Better Alternative

While the device could actually work, we are not confident in recommending this brand for a couple of reasons. First, we did not find real user reviews outside of the official site. Second, there are similar devices out there that are even more carefully designed. That said, we would rather recommend Good Morning Snore Solution. Everything about this mouthpiece is very attentively designed and every single detail is taken into consideration. For a full review on Good Morning Snore Solution, you may refer to this article here.